I bought books today!

IMG_2698 (911x1024)

An innocent trip to our local post office ended up in book shopping. It happens, you know. I didn’t plan for it. It’s just that I decided to drop by at Dymocks on the way. I had a few books in my mind that I would have liked to get for Mum but they had none of them. So I bought two books for myself instead. That too happens, you know.

One of the books I bought is The Water Diviner by Andrew Anastasios and Meagan Wilson-Anastasios. The young girl at the desk asked me if I’d seen the movie. I actually prefer reading the book first and then watch the movie so that I can complain about the movie being worse than the book. I told her “Not yet but I’m from Turkey.” A big smile exploded on her face and turned into a very cute smile, almost like Mona Lisa’s. Of course, the reason behind that explosion and the cuteness is that fact that her father is Turkish.

The second book I bought is last year’s Man Booker Prize winner The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan. It’s a commemorative edition and looks really cool. Of course, it goes straight to the pool room and no one is allowed to touch it or even read it. There will be a Kindle version for the job. Am I clear?