My new Kindle cover from Klevercase

I love my books, I love my book related gadgets.

I recently replaced my old Kindle with a new one. The reason why I left it this late although my old Kindle was playing up a lot is because finding a cover I like took ages last time. If you want something different, like me, it might take quite a bit of time to locate it on the other side of the planet —and it’s always on the other side of the planet if you live in Australia like me. And of course, the company should be willing to ship internationally, too. This time around, I had to secure the case first (I have a reputation of doing things backwards). Once that was done, I ordered my Kindle.

It was a magical moment when I discovered KleverCase. These cases are hand crafted and they look like real books. The company has been around for 37 years and they use traditional book binding techniques at the Manor Bindery workshop located in New Forest, England. Yes, my Kindle case came all the way from the UK. Isn’t that wonderful?my kindle case

Although, they have many colourful cases you can choose from, I picked this one.