Travel Journal: Sacher-Torte from Café Sacher, Vienna

When in Rome do what Romans do. When in Vienna, go and have a slice of rich Sacher-Torte and don’t just stop there: have Vienna style coffee, too.

It goes without saying that Café Sacher is known for its famous chocolate cake: Sacher-Torte. It was the creation of Chef Franz Sacher who was asked to make a desert for a party in 1832 when he was only 16 years old. The reputation of the Sacher’s cake quickly spread and an overwhelming number of orders made his family very rich. Later on, Sacher’s son Ed opened the Sacher Hotel and Café in 1876. When he died 16 years later his wife Anna took over. This famous cake with a secret recipe is still around. So is Hotel Sacher and its Café.


Famous Sacher-Torte (above). It’s soft, rich and something quite special. It just melts in your mouth and yet the taste lingers for some time. Just divine. Absolutely divine.


A little bit about Viennese style of coffee: It is a cream-based coffee made of strong black coffee and whipped cream. Unfortunately, mine was lukewarm.

Café Sacher is on the opposite corner of Wiener Staatoper (Opera Building of Vienna), ground floor of Hotel Sacher. For more information, check out the information below.


Above is Wiener Staatoper, Opera Building of Vienna. Cafe Sacher is right behind this building, on the ground floor of Hotel Sacher.

Café Sacher in Vienna
Philharmonikerstrasse 4, A-1010 Vienna
Tel. Café Sacher Wien: +43 (0)1 – 51 456 661
Tel. Sacher Stube: +43 (0)1 – 51 456 751
Fax: +43 (0)1 – 51 456 810