Shelfari is merging with Goodreads

I have been busy tidying up my book journal which I have been keeping for years. Every book I remember reading is in my book journal along with clippings, favourite quotes, new words to look up, covers and my personal notes. I have kept all that information on my computer, my book journal blog, Scrivener, Shelfari and partially on Goodreads, too. Now that Shelfari is merging with Goodreads on March 16, there is an urgency to it.

I loved Shelfari more than any other book platforms: it looked good and it was easier to use. I even added my own books individually like some old Turkish books from my father’s library which were not on Shelfari’s database with their original covers, etc. I met some really nice people from around the globe with similar tastes in reading. I loved the way my walnut bookshelf looked on my book/reading blog with my favourite books on it. And this’ll all be gone on March 16.

shelfari1This is what one of my shelves on Shelfari looked like before I deleted them.

When I first signed up for Goodreads, I was given the option of exporting my books from Shelfari. However, when I moved them across, they ended up in wrong folders —like owned books ended up in “read” folder. I am dealing with 485 books I read and over 600 books I own. Yes, it’s that many even without every single e-book I own. So this time around, I am doing it manually, comparing and syncing every book at the same time.

And, that’ll take some time.