When my imagination runs wild

Yesterday, I spent quite a bit of time reading all sorts of books and blog posts about unleashing one’s imagination. Mine must’ve run wild –or totally escaped as my husband put it this morning—I had a weird dream last night.

I am sitting at a table with three other women -one of them is Saliha Scheinhardt by the way. The table is positioned right at the end of a road where the road coming down from a hill reaches to a main road. Although, we have the table and some drinks, where we’re sitting doesn’t look like a cafe. Just a table put on a road. Weird, right? My back is turned to the main road and I can see who’s coming down from our road. There comes Deepak Chopra on a motorbike! Instead of turning to the main road, he stops at our table asking us if any one of us would like to do a flower arrangement course in Argentina with him. He shows us this local guide which looks like it was picked up from his plane on the way to… wherever my dream takes place –it looks like we’re all tourists there. I see Bonzai on the tittle. The other ladies don’t seem to be interested at all so he cracks up a joke and the joke goes like this: What is the worst day on a fishing dock? He answers his own joke-question himself. Oyster! I think he needs to work on his jokes in the future 🙂